E34 520i Touring The North - An Exhaustive Review

After owning it for nearly nine months I finally wrote a review of my Boot. And I start off with the verdict. It’s alarmingly scruffy, has annoying flaws, is therefore worthless and I fear the day I might lose this thing. Buying it was my best mistake yet, and I’ll try to explain to you why.
»9/06/15 5:16pm9/06/15 5:16pm

Hardegsen Hardcore - Awfully Awesome Photodump

When a hill-bro-y Opel club called “Hardegsen Hardcore” hosts a meeting in medieval surroundings you better make sure to be there. Out in the backwoods I was honestly hoping to see some comically bad custom efforts, loads of embarrassing decals and a worrying amount of barbarous barn tuning. So I manned the MS… »5/27/15 10:23am5/27/15 10:23am

Osterode Pt. III - This Time It's Personal!

If you’ve ever wondered why I’m spamming Oppo with my crude pictures and inept writing this is your lucky day. All the normal people are invited to simply look at some pictures and ignore my blathering, yet for the handful of you who are actually interested I’m going to explain this now by connecting some biographic… »5/13/15 11:52am5/13/15 11:52am

Classic Car Meeting In Osterode

I visited Osterode a few days ago to lick some sheet metal. The local Classic Car Club invited owners for the 15th time to park their beloved vehicles on the old market square and in the streets of the historic city center. »5/13/15 11:48am5/13/15 11:48am