Osterode Pt. III - This Time It's Personal!

If you’ve ever wondered why I’m spamming Oppo with my crude pictures and inept writing this is your lucky day. All the normal people are invited to simply look at some pictures and ignore my blathering, yet for the handful of you who are actually interested I’m going to explain this now by connecting some biographic… » 5/13/15 11:52am 5/13/15 11:52am

Classic Car Meeting In Osterode

I visited Osterode a few days ago to lick some sheet metal. The local Classic Car Club invited owners for the 15th time to park their beloved vehicles on the old market square and in the streets of the historic city center. » 5/13/15 11:48am 5/13/15 11:48am

AMI Exposition Leipzig 2014 - Part 1

I was in Leipzig and visited the Auto Mobil International. This trade show takes turns with the IAA in Frankfurt. Interestingly the exhibition coincided with the Wave-Gotik-Treffen giving this very warm Saturday a unique atmosphere. » 5/13/15 11:15am 5/13/15 11:15am

Financing the German Roads - A Question of Solidarity

In my last longer article I tried to give you an overview on the state of the German road network. My conclusion was that despite or because of the balanced governmental budget the roads are neglected and in dire need of funding. The situation is critical so our representatives can't ignore the topic any longer.… » 5/13/15 11:15am 5/13/15 11:15am